Make an appointment with the Senior Lawyer for a Legal Consultation which may be a free for basic Advice with nominal fees per hour basis. The Criminal Attorney will analyze the case and provide you a simple remedy or quote a fees to file a case in a court of Law or appropriate forum.

A person who believes he may be arrested by the police for a non-bailable offence may apply for anticipatory bail. It is similar to obtaining advance bail under Section 438 of the 1973 Code of Criminal Procedure.Anticipatory bail may be granted for a non-bailable offence if the individual has no direct link or the Court feels the person is innocent.

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A competent advocate’s fee structure is straightforward, honest, and affordable. As a result, you should search for someone who costs a reasonable fee for the case. Check this and Choose to hire

Our Attorneys recognize the significance of attorney-client communication and openness. Legal issues have a habit of dragging on for a long time. To you, it may appear that centuries have passed without movement; nonetheless, considerable behind-the-scenes work is being accomplished so that nothing is neglected on the day your case is ready. To keep the cost of legal services low while maximizing communication, Our Legal Experts will make every effort to keep you informed of major developments and to reply to your inquiries in a timely manner. Furthermore, our Lawyers will notify you when your presence is necessary, whether at our office or in court.

Call or WhatsApp: +91-9841034689 to Contact and get an emergency legal guidance to handle the issue by yourself. Thereafter, you can hire a Criminal lawyer in our panel and plan to Resolve the issue in stipulated time or protect you from the illegal arrest.

A criminal lawyer is an Advocate who specializes in Criminal Law and punishment. Criminal attorneys advise those who have been accused of committing a crime.
Bail bond hearings, plea bargaining, trials, dismissal hearings, appeals, and post-conviction processes all fall within their purview.

Which parent will have custody of the kids is decided by the court. It’s crucial to remember that the court will only make this decision with the child’s best interests in mind. 
Both parents typically play significant role in raising their children in India.

Ending the mutual divorce procedure becomes easier if the problem is settled or addressed through mediation. The parties do not have to go through the lengthy legal process that would be required in mediation. Mediation can help to abbreviate the lengthy divorce process.

Legal Custody includes making significant decisions for the child’s life, such as medical responsibility, schooling, and religious upbringing. This is distinct from physical custody of a child, allowing both parents to participate in critical decisions even if they do not live together.

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Our criminal defense attorneys focus on defending people and organizations accused of criminal behavior. In fact, our criminal defense attorneys are hired privately as well as work for the various jurisdictions having criminal courts as appointed counsel for those who cannot afford their services.

Over 3 decaded of Experience

Criminal Lawyers in Rajendra Law Office Panel are experts and experienced in various fields of Laws. They provide All in All Legal support from the Bail to Trial. The Team of Advocates will have experience from 5 to 25 Years of legal Practice in Magistrate courts, sessions courts, High Courts and Supreme court

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Criminal Lawyers in Rajendra Criminal Law Firm offer the Best Legal Support services in various court of Law. They provide the peace of mind for the people who are struck up in Police and government official harassments. This includes all White collar and blue collar crimes.

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