Same-sex marriage will cause Havoc, the center told Delhi High Court

Same-sex relationship- “I trying to remove my previous preconceived orders”: Madras High Court Judge

Same-sex relationship “I trying to remove my previous preconceived orders”: Madras High Court Judge

Dealing with protection submitted by the same-sex pair, Justice N.Anand Venkatesh of Madras High Court on Monday (March 29) observed that he was trying to remove his previous preconceived orders about this matter and he was in the process of evolving.

The bench-led justice Venkatesh last week expressed his desire to hear the same-sex partner’s case on the camera considering the sensitivity involved in this problem.

When on Monday, the parties appeared in front of the court, the bench spoke with the petitioner and their parents to assess their mental status and understand their attitude, before continuing this case.

Facts in the brief.

Petitioner 1 (around 22 years old) has completed B.Sc. Mathematics and currently pursuing M.B.A and Petitioner 2 (around 20 years old) pursuing B.A. Tamil.

The Petitioners recognize each other for the past 2 years and both of them simultaneously stated before the court that their friendship developed into love and they were very clear that both would become partners for life.

“The applicant does not chop the words and there is so much clarity in what they want to convey”, noted the court.

relationship between the Petitioners

Parents of each Petitioner to found about the relationship between the Petitioners, and it was not liked by their parents.

When the court interacted with parents of the respective Petitioners, expressing their shock and they stated that they cannot immediately accept the relationship between the Petitioners.

They are more concerned about the security of the Petitioners and worried that the Petitioners should not be exploited.

In this background, the court thought it was suitable for referring the petitioners and their parents to a counselor who specialized in working with LGBTQI + individuals.

Significantly, the court said,

“This step becomes very vital because this court moves to waters that are not owned, and a report from a specialist will provide support to this court to move forward in this case.” Same-sex relationship “I trying to remove my previous preconceived orders”: Madras High Court Judge

Circle observation

At first, Judge Venkatesh said,

“I personally spend some time doing some research and collecting materials to arrive at the right understanding of this problem. It is possible for me to pack my order with many research materials and be accepted by the outside world for rendering a scientific order. There are calls from In that keep reminding me that if I dare to do such exercises at this stage, it will only be hypocritical because the order will not express my true and honest feelings about a very important problem. “

Significantly, the bench further said,

“To be open, I also tried to solve my own ideas about this problem and I was in the process of evolving, and sincerely tried to understand the feelings of the petitioners and their parents afterward, continue to write a detailed order about this problem. That’s the reason why I tried to develop this case brick with brick and in the end, build something aimed at this problem. “

Next, the court also asked Ms. Vidya Dinargan, M.Sc. Psychology counseling, to advise the parties and the request was immediately received by specialists, and counseling will take place during the third week of April 2021.

Finally, the court requested the report with a closed cover, preferably on or before 26.04.2021.

The court also received the impression of the Prima Facie that the parties would work towards the peace-resolution and the government’s advocate also proposed that the police would not interfere in the problem again and that complaints would be immediately closed. Same-sex relationship “I trying to remove my previous preconceived orders”: Madras High Court Judge

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